Earth Remote Sensing Laboratory

Earth System

Improving understanding of the Earth as an integrated system.

Earth Observation

Observing the Earth at local, regional, and global spatial scales.

Earth Sustainability

Increasing Earth Sciences literacy for a sustainable future.

Earth Remote Sensing Laboratory – EaRSLab Overview

Aware of the challenges imposed by the fast-growing number and diversity of platforms and instruments in remote sensing field, as well as the technological, methodological and computational advances, the Earth Remote Sensing Laboratory (EaRS Lab) brings together a multidisciplinary team to promote and conduct applied research in cutting-edge remote sensing, modelling and geo-computation methodologies for a better understanding of the global environmental changes, risks and its impacts on Earth’s systems. Furthermore, with the evident increasing trend in new satellite missions, the technological advances in remote sensing field in general, and in particular the large amount of Earth observation data contained in satellite and in-situ sensor archives, the need for training and preparing the next generation of remote sensing scientists is emerging over the geoscience community. As such, the EaRSLab’s mission is:

1. Increase the excellence in Earth remote sensing research by focusing in three key application areas:

  • Atmosphere
  • Water
  • Land

2. Develop a remote sensing program designed for training, preparing, and equipping the next generation of remote sensing scientists, by collaborating in:

  • Graduation programs;
  • Master programs;
  • PhD programs;
  • Thematic Summer schools;
  • Workshops;
  • Other courses